Thursday, August 29, 2013

Soy does not cease to grow in value on world markets

Soy does not cease to grow in value on world markets
Quotes soy can demonstrate the most significant monthly increase in the last 13 months. reason for this remains the same: the negative impact of hot dry weather in the U.S. Midwest on crop yields.

Soybeans for November delivery rose by 0.7% to 13.8225 dollars per bushel (27.2 kg) on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange CBOT. Recall, on August 27 the price of oil crops touched the mark of 14,095 dollars. This was the highest level since June 6. This month, soybeans price increased by 14%, demonstrating the largest increase since July 2012.

Hot and dry weather continues to reinforce the stress felt by corn and soybeans in the grain filling period. The greatest risk for fields in those regions was dry weather conditions that prevailed most summer period. This applies to almost the entire territory of the State of Iowa and west-central Illinois.

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