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The world's leading exporter of soybean oil in May increased shipments

The world's leading exporter of soybean oil in May increased export shipments
Oil World. In May of this year soybean oil shipments from the three main exporters of these products - Argentina, Brazil and U.S. - was 0.78 million tons, exceeding the result of the previous month (0.59 million tons), but lower than the figure for the same period of the previous year (0 , 86 million tons).

It is worth noting that the most significant increase in the supply of products - up to 0.6 million tons - was observed in Argentina, as compared to the previous month (410 thousand tons), and with the result of May 2012 (453 thousand tons) . Brazil in the period supplied to foreign markets 134 thousand tons of soybean oil, which is higher than the result of the previous month (117 thousand tons), but lower than in May last year (316 thousand tons). As for the U.S., then this country in May this year reduced export of soybean oil to 45 thousand (62 and 88) tons. Total October-May 212/13 marketing year, Argentina supplied to foreign markets 2.52 (2.6) million tons of soybean oil, Brazil - 0.72 (1.25) million tons and USA - 0.84 (0, 39) million tons.

The main importers of these products were China - 0.94 (0.79) million tons, India - 0.64 (0.86) million tons and Iran - 421 (167) thousand tons. It should be noted that during this period in Egypt was delivered 227 thousand tons of oil, while in the same period last season, the country did not procure the products concerned.

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