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"Kernel Group" downgraded its profit forecast by 7% in 2012/2013

"Kernel Group" downgraded its profit forecast by 7% in 2012/2013
One of the largest operators in the oil seeds market holding "Kernel Group" (Ukraine) downgraded net profit forecast by 6.9%, or $ 15 million to $ 200 million in the 2012/2013 marketing year (July 2012 - June 2013).This was said in a holding company report.
Forecast revenues increased by $ 400 million to 2.8 billion dollars. The forecast pretax profit figure EBITDA remained unchanged at $ 350 million.
As informed, 2011/2012 marketing year (July 2011 - June 2012), holding "Kernel Group" ended with a net profit of 206.7 million dollars, while consolidated revenues for the reporting period amounted to 2 157.4 million dollars, or 13, 6% over last year (1 899.1 million dollars). The structure of "Kernel Group" includes Poltava Oil Extraction Plant, and MEZ Prikolotnyansky Volchansky MEZ (both - Kharkiv region), grain capacity of 2.2 million tons, agribusinesses that have leased 84.5 hectares of farmland. Holding enterprises produce products under the "generous gift", "Stozhar", "Lyubonka", "Chumak"

"Kernel Group" over view

Kernel Holding S.A. is a leading diversified agri-business value chain management company operating in Ukraine. With an extensive asset base spanning the production, processing, storage, transshipment and export of agricultural commodities, the company is a major supplier to the international market of grain, sunflower oil and meal produced in Ukraine and Russia; the largest supplier of bottled oil to the Ukrainian market; a key provider of grain silo services to the farmer;and provider of services for the transshipment and export of grain, oil and meal from Black Sea ports. 

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