Wednesday, March 13, 2013

India: wheat state reserves is 3 times higher than normal

India: wheat state reserves is 3 times higher than normal
The volume of wheat in the state reserve on March 1 totaled 27.1 million tons. This figure is three times planned rate of 8.2 million tons at the end of the current agricultural season. Indian Government  press - service.
Wheat harvest Record obtained against deficiency capacity storage. grain has to be stored in open aire and exposed to rotting. This has drawn criticism from the government poor population.

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To get rid of grain surplus, Indian government allowed private traders to export wheat. And also be able to export 4.5 million tons of grain state trading companies from government stocks.
On Thursday, India has agreed to private traders to export an additional 5 million tons from state reserves.
The government procures grain farming to support social programs for cheaper food to the poor population.
The same applies to the state reserves totaled 35.8 million tons against 11.8 million tons provisions.

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