Wednesday, January 9, 2013

South Korean FLC purchased 169 thousand tons fodder

Full Circle - Kyongju, South Korea
Today, January 9, South Korea's Feed Leaders' Committee (FLC) has purchased 45 thousand tons of soybean meal arbitrary origin.

The purchase was made at the company CJ International with the following prices on the basis C & F(CIF):

  • soybean meal with a protein content of 46.5% - $ 473 per ton
  • soybean meal with protein in 45.5% - $ 467 per ton

Also, an additional charge $ 1.50 per ton for the unloading of the cargo at the second port.
Delivery of meal held before June 25 of this year.

FLC also bought 55,000 tons of feed wheat from any origin from company Concordia with price rate  about $ 327.27 per ton on the basis C & F, including the costs charge for cargo unloading at the second port, with delivery by May 15.

Another FLC bought 69 thousand ton corn cargo from company Cargill at $ 308.45 per ton C & F basis with delivery 25 June. Also to this sum was provided an additional charge of $ 1.50 per ton for the unloading of the cargo to the second port.

According to traders, the supply is expected to come from South America.

It should be noted that South Korean buyers active in the last week, rushing to take advantage the recent decline in prices, and if Friday's USDA report is bearish, it will add new impetus to buy.

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