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Russia by 2030 could increase grain production to 127-141 million tons

Russia by 2030 could increase grain production to 127-141 million tons
Russia in 2030 could increase grain production to 127-141 million tons from 70.7 million tons in 2012, while exports - up to 46 million tons, according to a forecast released by Ministry of Economic Development of long-term socio-economic development of Russia until 2030.

Grain production to 127 million tons will be achieved by expanding the area under cereals to 46.7 million hectares from the current 43-45 million hectares, and the average yield increase from 21.4 tons per hectare in 2008-2011 to 28.8 quintals per hectare.

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"The growth of grain production will be due to both an increase in domestic consumption from 72.2 million tons to 81.3 million tons (including - 46 million tons for fodder purposes) and by increasing foreign demand for Russian grain from 27.2 million tons (in 2011-2012 agricultural year ) to 46 million tons, "- the document says.

If will be forced grain market scenarios could increase grain production to 141 million tons by 2030.

As explained by forecast authors , the introduction of modern agricultural technologies, including  use of new technology, investments in breeding high-yielding varieties of crops, increasing the amount of applied mineral fertilizers (about 100 kilograms per hectare), and of the means of plant protection will increase the average grain yield twice the current level .

Currently operating facilities allow you to export 30 million tons of grain per year, from which only 60% (18 million tons) are high-tech. Therefore, the realization of high export potential will require creation of new port facilities and transport infrastructure modernization of ports in Black Sea region and the Far East, the document says.

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By 2020, grain production, as stated in the forecast, can be increased to 107-119 million tons. For comparison, in the Ministry of Agriculture developed state program of agricultural development for 2013-2020 years the growth of grain production in 2020 is expected to reach 115 million tons.

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