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Pakistan sold 13.5 thousand tons of wheat to Sri Lanka for $ 329 m / FOB

Pakistan sold 13.5 thousand tons of wheat to Sri Lanka for $ 329 m / FOB
Pakistan exported 13.5 thousand tons wheat cargo to Sri Lanka for about $ 329 per ton on FOB basis

Wheat - high protein and therefore its price by $ 10-15 per ton higher than the standard price of wheat.

Sri Lanka is the largest buyer of Pakistan wheat. In 2012 Sri Lanka imported more than 170 thousand tons of Pakistani wheat in bulk.

In the middle of 2012 Pakistan's average wheat price for Sri Lanka was $ 308-311 / t on FOB basis. However, with the gradual withdrawal of foreign markets of the Black Sea countries and weather problems in Australia contributed to the growth of grain prices.

Pakistan also hopes to export wheat to Iran, there have been sent samples for quality control. If the samples will be tested successfully, it will open a new market and will supply 100 thousand tons of Pakistan wheat to Middle Eastern country at the end of this month.

Sri Lanka wheat import graf

The table and graph data comes from the FAOSTAT database produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The data is displayed with the express written permission of UN/FAO and was downloaded from FAOSTAT on 07/17/2011

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