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China: In the current MY rice consumption will be 142.7 million tons

China: In the current MY rice consumption will be 142.7 million tons
According to the latest forecast of the IGC, rice yield in China in the 2012-13 seasons could reach 142.5 million tons. In the 2011-12 seasons, local farmers collected 2 million tons grain less.

Evaluation initial rice stocks increased slightly to 45.1 million tons. September forecast promised 44.4 million tons. In August, country's rice reserves were estimated at 44.1 million tons. A year earlier, reserves amounted to 41.8 million tons.

Total rice supply in China during the forecast period will be 189.2 million tons. Since last month forecast growth by 0.4 million tons.

Exports of rice in 2012-13 MG could reach 0.5 million tons. In October score was similar. September forecast was slightly higher.

Import forecast for MY 2012-13 in the last report IGC increased by 0.2 million tons, compared with October, to 1.6 million tons. In September, analysts estimated imports at 0.9 million tons. The August estimate fixed at 0.8 million tons.

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Domestic rice consumption in China, according to November IGC experts, will be equal to 142.7 million tons. In October, weather experts was 0.2 million tons. September forecast was 1.2 million tons lower than the current one, the IA "tradekeynews."

Rice Forecast ending stocks in China by the end of 2013 in November was revised upward by 0.2 million tons to 46 million tons.

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