Monday, January 28, 2013

As preparation to celebrate New Year China starts campaign for food safety

preparing to celebrate New Year China starts campaign for food safety
China Ministry of Public Security on the eve of the New Year according to the lunar calendar announced a new campaign to combat crime in the food safety area.
Situation with crimes in food safety remains a serious, risks associated with food will increase during Christmas holidays in February, Deputy Minister of Public Security Huang Ming.
Huang Ming said that during the holiday’s ministry will focus on cases relating to problems with cooking oil quality, alcohol, meat and specific national dishes.

The Ministry also joined forces with the authorities in the field of food safety, agriculture and quality control, to eliminate sources of risk in the field of food safety related to agricultural practices and animal welfare, and to prevent the use of illegal additives in pesticides and feed, IA " TradeKeyNews "with reference to Xinhua.
Huang Ming also urged local governments to improve measures and eliminate blind spots in the daily monitoring of food safety.

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