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Algeria does not need 20% of imported wheat

Large shipment of quality wheat set for Algeria

Large shipment of quality wheat set for Algeria

Compared with 2011, Algerian needs to import wheat decreased by approximately 20%. During the period from early 2012 to December 1, Algeria significantly reduced wheat imports. According to customs, for this period was imported only 5.7 million tons. During 11 months of 2011, Algeria has imported 1.2 million tons more. Reduction Imports demand due to the remarked decrease in purchases result of higher domestic production.
Imported from Algeria this year 5.7 million tons of wheat volume of 4.2 million tons and 1.3 million tons accounted for durum wheat. According to the estimates of federal agencies, Algeria this year received the wheat harvest in the amount 5.1 million tons. In 2011, the harvest was 4.2 million tons.

we recall that in on April 13, 2012  Gleadell has loaded 25,000t of British milling wheat from onto the Falcon Trader, set for Algeria.
“With UK farmers producing another quality crop this year, the Algerian market represents an important alternative for farmers from The Wash across to Leicestershire and up into Yorkshire,” said David Sheppard managing director.

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