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Ukrainian urea market - December 7

Ukrainian urea market - December 7


from November 30 to December 7, the minimum price for urea in the Ukrainian domestic market increased by 7.9%, or by 264 to 3,624 hryvnia / t, and the maximum price increased from 3950 to 4050 hryvnia / ton.
Minimum export prices for urea during the period in Black Sea ports remained at $ 375 / t, and the maximum - increased from 386 to 387 USD / ton.
In this case, on the Baltic Sea floor prices have increased from 365 to 375 dollars / ton, FOB, while the maximum - remained at $ 370 / ton, FOB.222
market situation of urea during the week was fairly quiet.
In particular, prilled urea price were frozen pending the outcome of India's IPL tender, while buyers are in no hurry to buy goods.
All interested in how much urea will buy India, and how much the proposal would be in the market.
The port "South" manufacturers offer the remaining urea 385-390 dollars / ton, FOB.
In the Baltic, prilled urea producers have already sold almost all the volumes and negotiate the January shipments.
Continuously increased export prices of urea from Egypt due to the limitation of gas supply and underutilized plants.
In addition, the Egyptian government is unhappy with a large volume of exports and plans to introduce a tax of $ 100 / t for the exporters, if the internal market will not get 70-80 thousand tons of urea per month from January to August.
Also, the suppliers of urea in Indonesia Friday, the price rose by $ 20 / t, and the ammonia supply price fell by $ 55 / t.

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