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November 19, 2012, Grain market monitoring

Grain Market

Last week (November 12 to November 18 this year) in the European part of Russia maintained a moderate growth in food and feed grain supported by strong demand from domestic consumers. In the Russian Asian part, prices stabilization due to conduct trade interventions. Trading stock Volume in grain sale from fund intervention for the period from 23.10.2012 to 14.11.2012 was 441.6 thousand tons for a total amount of 3 531.6 million rubles. As of 16.11.2012 the amount actually transferred grain from the intervention fund customers totaled to 186.3 thousand tons and worth 1449.5 million rubles.

November 19, 2012, Grain market monitoring for last week
In the world grain market were insignificant price fluctuations, which decreased the forecast of world grain trade in the current season. As of 15/11/2012 export average prices of soft wheat in the U.S. totaled (FOB Gulf of Mexico) 342 U.S. dollars per ton. For the week, prices decreased by $ 13 / t or 3.7%.

According to the FCS of Russia (Russian Federal State Statistics Service) grain export in 2012/2013 crop year totaled to 11,019 thousand tons. Grain export rate is below last year, when for the same period were exported 13,156 thousand tons. Between 1 and 14 November this year exported 694 thousand tons, including wheat - 455 thousand tons, barley - 101 thousand tons and corn - 117 thousand tons, other - 21 thousand tons.

According to Grain stocks on-line data published by Russian Federal State Statistics Service for agricultural, harvesting and processing companies (excluding small forms) on 01.10.2012 in Russia was amounted to 35.8 million tons, 12.7 million tons (26.2%) less than in 01.10.2011 (48.5 million tons).
There is wholesale prices stabilization for wheat flour and rye in the Russian European part. The average price for top grade wheat flour by 19.11.2012 - 15 100 rub. / T (+ 0.2% for week.)

Increase in consumer prices since the beginning of this year bread made from wheat flour 1 and 2 varieties was 12.0%, on rye bread and rye-wheat 9.7%.
Taking in consideration commodity interventions, in the coming weeks may be reduce in growth rates in the Russian European part.

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