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Last week's quotations of wheat, corn and soybeans on the world markets as a result of increased

Bloomberg. The past week on the world agricultural markets ended higher prices of wheat, corn and soybeans.

Last trading day confirmed the trend increase in prices of wheat and corn. London wheat has risen by 1.4% in Paris by 1.2%. In the U.S., quotes rose by 0.5% and in Chicago and Kansas City. Corn growth slowed, but still increased by 0.2%. Soybeans fell very slightly - 0.07%. In the U.S., the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOT) wheat quotes October 19 rose by 4.25 cents to 8.6825 to 8.725 dollars per bushel, or 0.5% (320.6 dollars per ton). On the Exchange in Kansas City (KSVT) wheat rose 4.5 cents, from 9.035 to 9.08 dollars per bushel, or 0.5% (333.6 dollars per ton). Corn rose 1.25 cents to 7.6025 to 7.615 dollars per bushel, or 0.2% (298.5 dollars per ton).

Soybeans fell 1 cent, from 15.375 to 15.365 dollars per bushel, or 0.07% (564.5 dollars per ton).

In Europe, 19 October, at LIFFE exchange in London November contract rose from 201.4 to 204.25 pounds per ton, or 1.4% ($ 327). At the stock exchange MATIF in Paris October 19 November contract rose from 259.75 to 262.75 per ton, or 1.2% ($ 342.2), while January contract rose from 258.5 to 261.75 Euros per ton, or 1.3% ($ 340.9). In Kazakhstan, October 19 at the exchange ETC wheat contracts for delivery in November have not changed. The day before, on October 18 they decreased by KZT 500 per ton from 40,000 to 39,500 tenge per ton of wheat class 3 ($ 262.2). Total for the period from 12 to 19 October quotes U.S. wheat rose by 1.8% in Chicago, and by 2% in Kansas City.

In London, wheat increased by 1.6%, while in Paris, at 0.6%. Corn rose last week by 1.1% and soybeans by 0.9%. Recall, for the period from 5 to 12 October quotes U.S. wheat rose by 0.2% in Chicago, and 1.6% in Kansas City. In London, wheat increased by 0.5%, while in Paris, at 0.9%. Corn rose last week by 0.8%, while soybeans fell by 1.6%.

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